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Fiori Elements Inbound Navigation in MyInbox


Hi there!

Can someone explain me, how to set up an Inbound Navigation from the MyInbox Master Page to a Custom Fiori Elements Detail Application. (

The configuration is done so far. The problem is, that I want to skip the List Report and jump directly to the Object Page. In my local mock App, I can do that with providing a Key in the URL. (
With the Keys in the URL, the App is skipping the List Report and jumping directly to the GET Request of the ObjectPage with the provided keys.

I need the same behaviour in the MyInbox Detail Page. The problem is, that there are no keys in the URL (just in the startup parameters), so the navigation to the ObjectPage is not possible right now.

Needed Result:
MyInbox -> Custom Detail Fiori App -> Direct Navigation to the Object Page via defined keys

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Hi paulrint , did you find you answer? I am also stuck in the same place.