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Fiori Elements Flexible Programming Model Variant Management does not offer 'Apply Automatically'

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I created a new custom page based Fiori Elements app ( deployed on ABAP Cloud ) which 'mimics' the standard list page.  The reason being that I need some custom elements in the dynamic page header and extensions for this are only supported on the object page - not the list page ( way to go SAP ...  sigh).

Anyways, got everything working fine .. I have a smart filterbar and table linked with a variant management control type

<v:VariantManagement id="vm" for="FilterBar, StatisticsTable" showSetAsDefault="true" executeOnSelectionForStandardDefault="true"/>

Custom variant views can be saved BUT what I am missing is the checkbox option 'Apply Automatically'.


The 'standard' mobile smart variant control has a property called 'supportApplyAutomatically' which allows the setting (at least based on the doc - not verified myself ).

I could not vind any similar property on the 'sap.ui.fl.variants.VariantManagement' control to actually configure the behavior. I tried all existing properties but no luck. 




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Is this a Fiori elements OData V2 app or a V4 app you are working with? Thx!

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