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Fiori App vs SAPUI5 App

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I know that this topic has been discussed in detail here but I just need one small information. Recently I was informed by a friend who has been working in SAPUI5/Fiori for a long time that the main difference between a Fiori App and SAPUI5 App is that Fiori App is developed and delivered to customers by SAP., wheres SAPUI5 APP is created by customers. It's like standard report vs custom report. So we, as developer can never create a Fiori App, even if we follow all the guidelines(like responsiveness, role-based).

No matter what I do, it'll be called a SAPUI5 App.

But if I search in google I can find multiple tutorials on how to create custom Fiori App.

So, without going into all technicality, my question is simple: can I create a SAP Fiori App from scratch ?

I'll be much obliged if someone can clarify my doubt.



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Let me explain:

Fiori is no more set of apps. It is UX paradigm - set of recommendation by SAP for better UX. Mainly 5 guiding principles - Simple, Coherent, Delightful, Role-based and Responsive.

Any UI5 app which is compliant with these principles is a Fiori Compliant App or Fiori App

So, if you wish to develop a Fiori app, you can do it but it should ensure compliance with Fiori principles.



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Hi Sarif,

Yes definetly you can create custom fiori app. Basically when you deploy your ui5 app to a fiori launchpad following all the fiori guidelines , your app becomes a custom Fiori App.

While deploying your app to launchpad, you will have to create custom pfcg role which enables the users to whom its assigned , to view the fiori tile. Thus your custom app follows the role based approach also which is an important principle of a fiori app