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Fiori APP - Scheduling

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Hi all,

For our fashion client we are facing an issue in using the "Capacity Scheduling Board" and similar applications. The app is opening but not fetching data from our work centers and orders (no work centers found), no errors are reported from the application log.

From our understanding, to be able to use this kind of apps based on LiveCache it is necessary to activate and configure SAP "advanced planning", is it correct?

Since we are planning to remain in a simple PP domain, we are wondering if it is possible to have "drag and drop" functionalities to deallocate and reallocate porduction order operations to work centers similar to the functionality offered by CM25 transaction, without activating Advanced Planning (or activating it with minor configurations that will not influence production scheduling and execution).

Thanks in advance for your response

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Hi, thanks for your feedback

I tried to contact the author of the blog to try to fix my issue