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Finding SAP sub-window titles


hello there,

i was trying to build some custom components for SAP automation, I have a screen where i need to find out if a certain box (as show in the image) exists. I could only find the title of the main window using SAP Scripting, but not the titles of the sub-windows or sections. any idea how this can be done using SAP scripting … (please see the image, the circled titles needs to be identified using SAP Scripting)

Appreciate your help


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In first screen of BIBS demo, there are frames with texts (your "subwindows").

SAP screenreader.exe (note 1441550 - SAP GUI scripting: Sample applications) says that the frame element has these properties - I guess it should be more or less the same for your own screen:

  • id = /app/con[1]/ses[1]/wnd[0]/usr/subSA_0100_1:SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTRY_SCREEN:0200/subSA_200_2:SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTRY_SCREEN:1200/boxGB2
  • text = Checkbox referring to several fields

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Product and Topic Expert

Hello Hara,

there are not subwindows or sections, but what we call "Group Boxes".
See the SAP GUI Scripting documentation:

The group boxes are a regular part of the object tree and can be found like any other object.

Best regards,

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Hello Frank, Thank you for the information. is there a possibility to get the titles or other attributes of these group boxes using VBScript ?

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Hello Hara,

you can find an approach here. It loops over the user area to detect an element of a specific type. Change it to GuiBox with the value 62 and with the attribute Text you get the title.

Best regards