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Finding Communication Structure

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hello Gurus,

How can I find out the communication struc of a datasource.for eg if i go to LWBE 02-Purchasing - click on the maintenance of mc02m_0scn , it says struc maintenenace not provided for extraction struc mc02m_0scn.

any idea .

thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Pradeep,

your situation is not the normal one...usually you can maintain witout problem a datasource communication structure, but not for these three datasources (in purchasing area):

Achieved Performance: Settings Confirmation

Achieved Performance: Deliveries of Confirmations

Service Performed: Deliveries of Schedules

As you can see from the explanation of the message 'Structure maintenance not provided for extract structure MC02M_0SCN', this is a technical extraction structure.

So, you cannot use the structure maintenance to add additional fields.

If an extraction structure is used to extract transaction data from two different business events (not only purchases, but also the related orders and deliveries!), it generally applies that the extraction structure fields cannot be generically filled with data from an underlying communication structure because the newly added fields would be filled differently for the different events or that they would not be filled at all.

If you want to see the communication structure (MC02M_0SCN) go in SE11, but if you need additional fields you have to use other datasources/structures.

Hope it helps !