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Finding a Service in SPROXY transaction created in SAP PI


Hello All,

I am trying to find a Service Interface in SPROXY transaction but i find no other option but to keep scrolling down the endless objects to find my Service Interface.

When I use Namespace->Object Types->Object , I only find the Service Interfaces I already activated but not the ones I want to activate.

Is there a way I can find the Service Interface using another t-code or another way so I can generate the Inbound (Provider) Interface without going through this laborious process.

Many thanks in Advance,


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Hello Paul,

Can you try again after changing the SPROXY view?

To change view:

  1. Utilities->Settings
  2. Jump to Proxy Generation (from the top right button)
  3. Enterprise Service Browser should be R - ESR Browser
  4. Close SPROXY and reopen it.

Good luck.


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Hello Caner,
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Hello Caner, Thanks , I tried this option and it works and looks like the best way to only select ESR SI's