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find host and port

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My J2EE application has an EJB module and web module. I need to call the servlet in the web module from EJB module, via HTTPUrl connection. To make the web application portable and not-hardcoded, is there any way for EJB module to find out programatically the host and port number of where my J2EE application is deployed?

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I don't know weather it helps you or if you need the information now:

I have a "half" solution for it: With the instance-number you can calculate all standard(!)-ports. I saw this calculating-ports-stuff in a word-doc.

//HTTP-Port = 50000InstanceNumber*1000

String InstanceNumber = java.lang.System.getProperty("SAPSYSTEM");

int temp = 50000 + Integer.valueOf(InstanceNumber).intValue() * 100;

String port = String.valueOf(temp);

For the IP...maybe you can use "localhost"? But my problem with this solution is: I don't know weather the standard ports can be changed manually. When yes: this solution can have a problem...



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check out the JMX(Java Management eXtension) APIs...might help you

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JMX API cannot be found in the sdn. Can someone provide the url? I did the jmx connection before, with guidance from someone in the forum. I was wondering where are these BALDed SAP-specific info getting from?

InitialContext initcontx = new InitialContext();

MBeanServerConnection mbsc = (MBeanServerConnection)initcontx.lookup("jmx");

ObjectName LICENSING_SERVICE_ON = ObjectNameFactory.getNameForServerChildPerNode<b>("SAP_J2EEServiceRuntimePerNode", "licensing"</b>, null, null);

installationNumber = (String)mbsc.getAttribute(<b>LICENSING_SERVICE_ON, "InstNo"</b>);