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Am Creating a site and some documents must be displayed on the portal and for that i need only the last version of each of them. So am gonna use filters to specify the conditions but i have a problem i found some information on the help, but does somebody know exactly where i should go to create the filters with KM? I mean they talk about "filter management" but i did not find this function on the portal.

Thx for your help


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Hi MJ,

you can develope filters with NWDS.

1:Create a new portal application.

2:Create new -> RespositoryFramework 7.1.5 -> Repository Filter Wizard

3: Implement the filter() method


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Hi Christoph,

Thx for the answer. My problem is that i would like to it with the standard components mean by this is it possible through the portal and KM standard components to create filters? Cause if i understand your method i hav eto develop the filter with java? (am not sure that i get u right).

Do u know how to do it directly on the portal? Take a look at this link please:

Thx in advance.

Best regards