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Filter Standard SAP Fiori Themes in Launchpad

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Hello All,

I created a custom theme with the company logo. This custom theme is based on the standard SAP Blue Crystal theme. Applied to Fiori Launchpad using the URL parameter sap-theme and it works well.

One additional requirement is to prevent the users from selecting the standard SAP themes from the user preferences option in the launchpad. I would like out know if there is an option to filter out all the standard SAP themes from the User Preferences.

I debugged the INTEROP service and found that the themes are loaded based out of a JSON file and parsed. Later all the themes that are not applicable to SAPUI5M theme are deleted. This leaves us with 1) Custom Theme we created 2) SAP Blue Crystal Theme (standard) 3) High Contrast Theme (Standard). One option is to write an implicit enhancement to filter the records that we want but this is not the cleanest approach.

Looking for ideas from the group.

Thanks in advance.

Vinay Kanna

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@Frank: How would we know when this change is available? Can you direct me to the link where i can review the latest changes coming in for FIORI/FLP.

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new features/changes will be included in the release notes.

E.g. What's New in SAP Fiori Launchpad - What's New in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (Release Notes) - SAP Library

Best regards,


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Frank Gales do you have a more direct link to this solution? I am looking for this exact solution (to filter out SAP themes and only show custom themes) and google isnt cutting it for me.



cc Simon Kemp

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@frank gales is there any update on this topic ?