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Filter facet when creating information space

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Hi Experts,

We are on BO 4.0 SP6.

We want to give explorer for sales region users authorised for their respective sales region.

We dont have authorization implemented in BI, how can we do that in explorer?

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Suresh

I am using SP4. I am using 'personalization on Info Space' for a similar situation.


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Hi Suresh,

I am not sure whether below method will be good for you if your sales region is not very large

We could create InfoSpace under different folder to control this

For example, you have 4 sales region: A, B, C,D

Then you create for folder in Explorer side: A & B & C & and create different user group for these folder like A1, B1, C1, D1

When you create information, if this is only for sales region A, then you just save this infopsace under folder A. So the user in group A1 will see this and B1,C1,D1 cannot see If I am not mistaken

But the weak point for this is that you have to create lots of reduntant object

You also could refer to Denis's solution

Hope this could be useful to you

Best regards

Alex yang

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Hi Suresh,

It depends on the datasource, if you are using regular Universes or any source which is not accelerated, then use a combination of Universe restrictions (on column) and row restrictions using Personalization (linking to a second Information space for data restrictions). Please search the forum of personalization, may topics out there.

If you are on BWA, then you need to implement BI Authorizations or again Personalization (used by most people). If you are on HANA, use Analytical Privileges (linked to the DB account set in the IDT connection). For the SAP HANA connection SSO would likely be required if you don't want to have a connection pre-set for every sales-group.

More info:

1631773 - How to filter data on a BWA Index for a particular SAP user in Explorer?

I hope this helps,