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Filter Expression for Multiple Entries and Is Mandatory

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Hello Folks,

I'm using the Input Parameters in HANA Studio. I want the Filter Expressions for Multiple Entries (Single value - Unchecked), Is Mandatory (Optional - unchecked). Four combinations - for Mandatory - Yes/No , Multiple Values - Yes/No. Appreciate if you provide the same.

For Optional I got the below expression:

if(isnull('$$IP_MATNR$$') or '$$IP_MATNR$$' = '', match("MATNR",'*'), "MATNR" = '$$IP_MATNR$$')

P.S. - Not able to get the solution.


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Maybe you wanna describe a little bit more what you mean with "... Four combinations - for Mandatory - Yes/No , Multiple Values - Yes/No ...".

And please also described what you expect, respectively what is not working, cause at the moment that information is missing.

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Thanks Florian for the prompt response.

I want the filter expression (input parameters for various columns values ) for each of the below case, then only the input parameters will work. Or else, there exists a single expression which will be fulfilled all the below cases.

Mandatory - Yes

Mandatory - No

Multiple Values - Yes

Multiple Values - No

My issue is with filter expression and if the expression is not valid, the XS OData file for the corresponding VDM won't be activated.

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