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Files placed were not in UTF-8 format

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Hi Experts,

In our project we have a pass through(no IR part) Interface from Source -

>>PI -

>>Target(where both Source and Target are File servers).PI should pick the file and place it in Target Directory by converting into UTF-8 format.For this we used File Type as Text and File Encoding as UTF-8 in the Receiver File channel.

Recently the Target file server migrated to UNIX OS from WINDOWS OS and nothing was changed in PI but after the migration the Target system is facing an error saying "File is not in UTF-8 format"

Previous when the OS is windows PI placed the files in UTF-8 format only but now after the OS migration to UNIX PI is placing ANSI files eventhough we are maintaining File Type as Text and File Encoding as UTF-8 in the Receiver File channel.

Can anyone say how to overcome this problem and convert the files into UTF-8 and place in the Target Directory.

Thanks and Regards,

Prajwal Kumar

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Answers (2)

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it could be an issue with the line feeds. can you check with the end system?

If it is (movement from Unix to Windows and vice versa), you will need to use a module to convert the line feeds accordingly.

check ConvertCRLFfromToLF example in this link

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Hi Shabarish,

Can you please explain a bit more about issue with the line feeds.

and also please let me know what should I check with the end system.

Will the module help us to convert the file into UTF-8 format..?

Thanks for your reply.



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What is the OS is being used by PI Box?

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UNIX is the OS being used by PI box.

Thanks and regards,