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Filename when exporting from ReportViewerBean

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I'm using Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 in a desktop application and ReportViewerBean is used for previewing reports. The export-dialog have several file formats and they all work fine but one annoying thing is that the filename is blank, so one have to write the filename/filextension manually before exporting to file.

Is there a way in the code to specify what filename a report should get when exporting?

I'm probably missing something here...

I've searched through the forums and code examples but have not found anything about this.

Thanks in advance

// Uhlen

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To be clear, are you looking to have the Save As field in the export dialog box populated with a report name when you export the report?

When exporting from the viewer it isn't possible to do this, however if you export directly using the SDK, you can set the report name and path to whatever you like and automatically export to that location.