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Hi All,

Im trying a File to RFC to File scenario without BPM using the following link

As mentioned in the above link, i configured the scenario and its working fine but in the blog the response from RFC is seen in MONI and not loaded into a file... Can anyone suggest as me as how to achieve this without BPM.



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Answers (3)

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Dear Archana,

As shown in the wiki you can also generate a file from reponse coming from RFC

Here is you see you have sender file channel and RFC receiver channel...

Aso you have to add one module in the sender file channel where you can also give a receiver file channel name ...

in that channel you have to specify the receiver folder path and file name

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According to blog they are not generating any response message into file, they are showing in moni itself. If you want response message as file, need to take file adapter and configure accordingly. After this configuration we can get response file.

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the wiki does the same as mentioned in the above thread.

you need to have two mappings;

a. File to RFC req

b. RFC resp. to File

also you need to have 3 CC, 1 RFC receiver, 1 file sender and 1 file receiver.

Let us know wht is the issue that you have.