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I have created a file business system (XI_FILE) that is on the XI-Server (Technical System Type: Standalone Java). No logical system name. No ádapter specific entries in the business service.

I have created a business system (SAP_IDOC) with a receiving idoc communication channel. The logical system name of SAP_IDOC is assigned in the SLD and with BD54 on the XI. A port was created with IDX1 on XI to SAP_IDOC with the corresponding RFC destination. In IDX2 the meta data was successfully loaded into XI.

The file was loaded (file adapter) and mapped to the idoc-type . In SXMBI_MONI i can see the payload after mapping. Looks good - but no EDI_DC40 control.

Entries in the communication channel:

- Adapter type IDOC

- Port (Port created in IDX1)

- RFC Destination: to SAP_IDOC

- Apply Control Record Values from Payload is unchecked (correct??)

- SAP Release: 470 (4.7 or 47...???)

I have checked the weblogs. The logical system name of SAP_IDOC is correct and valid. Still getting error message: Unable to convert sender service to an ALE logical system.


Logical system necessary for IXI_FILE??? If yes enter name in BD54 of XI-Server and SAP_IDOC???

Is there some WE20, WE21 work missing? If yes where???

Header mapping necessary???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Pass a logical System to XI_FILE business system.

than create the LS with same name in transaction SALE.

And create partner profile of type LS (same as attached to XI_FILE business system).

Attach your message type (IDOC into idoc parameter)

it will work



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All these activities should be in R/3 appication system

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1. If you use a BPM, don't forget to specify a Logical System in "Adapter-specific identifier".

Look at this Michal's weblog (Integration Engine - Question 3)


2. In tcode IDX1, have you used "SAP<System_ID>"?

e.g SAPD03, if your Sytem ID is "D03"


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