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File to Multiple Idoc scenario using FCC

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Hi All,

I am working in a file to idoc scenario. Here input is a fixed length file having Header and Item details which will repeat for many times.The number idoc in the target is based on the number of header in the input field. I have created a source structure with header as 1..unbounded and i have map the header with the target idoc.

In configuration part

Recordset Structure Header,9999,Item,9999

I am facing an error in communication channel as

"Conversion of file content to XML failed at position 0: java.lang.Exception: ERROR consistency check in recordset structure validation in last recordset"

Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gopal,

There can be various reasons for this error -

1. Data structure is not maintained as per the incoming file,

2. FCC parameters is wrong / incomplete,

3. It can be something related to hierarchy as well.

Share the details so that someone can help you.



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Source structure is

DATA 1...1

Record 0...unbounded

Header 0...unbounded



Item 0...unbounded


Here i am mapping Header to the target Idoc

In configuration

RecordSet Name: Record

RecordSet Structure:Header,9999,Item,9999

RecordSet Sequence:Varaible

Key Filed name : RecordType

Header.fieldFixedLength -

Header.fieldNames -

Item.fieldFixedLength -

Item.fieldNames -

Header.keyFieldValue : H

Item.KeyFieldValue :I

Header.lastFieldOptional YES

Item.lastFieldOptional YES

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Try to use the parameter ..missingLastFields True

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