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File To Mail

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Dear SDN Community,

I am just starting with PI and I want to do a file to mail scenario where I am picking up a file from an FTP server and then just forward that file to an email address.

I don't really know what the neccessary steps are yet for this scenario. Do you have any helpful pointers for this scenario?

I started by creating a data type as a simple datatype. Is that correct when I dont want to look into the file but just forwarding it? Or do I need to create a complex data type with one xsd_string element?

I then created the according message type and an service interface for the ftp pick up as outbound and asyncrhonous and just attached the message type.

Next I created a service interface for sending the mail. I set it to inbound and also asynchronous. I assigned the same message type, that I already used for the outbound service interface, since I dont want to do anything with the file. I just want to forward it.

Is this correct?

Also what are the next steps I need to take? I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed doing all that for the first time.

Hope you can give me some helpful pointers.

Best regards,


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guess the major work is done.

You next steps would be in configuring the scenario.

You will have to create a file sender adapter and a mail receiver adapter.


to know about how to configure the mail adapter.

Carry on and get back in case u find issues.