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File to Idoc Scenario based on conditions

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My scenario is file to IDOC.

I have a source file and I need to check the content of the file. I cant use content conversion in the sender file adapter since the structure of the file is so complicated. So am using Java mapping to read the file...that is field1 based on which I have to select different IDOC types.

If the field1 in the source file is having the value 'X' then I need to select the IDOC1 else if the field1 value is 'Y' then I need to select the IDOC2. And post the IDOC to R/3.

But both IDOC1 and IDOC2 I need to post it to same R/3 system.

First I thought to develop this scenario with enhanced receiver configuration. Since both the IDOC's have to be posted to same system I cant use two different Business system. Please suggest.



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Hi Suma,

Use seperate mappings for IDOC1 and IDOC2.

In ID--> use conditional based interface determination. Here you can use the same receiver twice with two different mappings based on the condition...