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File to Idoc Scenario and Idoc to File Scenario's

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Hi Friends ,

This is Shalini Shah,

Please give me the details of how many busines sytems required in File to Idoc Scenario and Idoc to File sceanrio's.

In business system , what is the name of Integration server(this name is related to XI ot Third Party)

Please give me the full details of these two scenarios from Scratch.

Thanks in Advance.


Shalini Shah.

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If u want thing from Scratch it may help u...

For a IDoc2File Scenario there should be one Business system for the receiver file(which is a Third party) and for that only u required a receiver communication u didn't require a Sender's agreement for this Scenario..

For the File2IDoc Scenario u require 2 Business System, 1 for each with 2 communication channel each for the Sender and the such u also require Sender Agreement for this..