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file to abap proxy

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Hi ,

in the file to abap proxy, i m following the below steps:

PI side:


created DT, MT, MM, SI and OM.

created CC -

for sender i m using file adapter

for receiver i m using XI adapter ---> what addressing type i need to here whether URL or HTTP destination.

Q 1:

if HTTP destination, then can i give INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI which is already present?

if URL address, then where can i find the path prefix. i know the target host and service number, but not sure where to find the path prefix.

Q 2:

where do i need to create the inbound proxy, whether in PI or ECC.

pls let me what are the other configurations i need to do for this scenario.


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Answers (4)

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Check in ABAP if any runtime exception has been there for that message.

Go to ST22 transaction to see runtime exception.

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A 1) Use Addressing Type as HTTP Destination. In the HTTP Destination section of the proxy channel mention the name of the target business system.

A 2) The structure os the proxy is defined in PI. When the structure is ready go to your ECC system and run transaction 'sproxy'. Go to the target(inbound) service interface of your interface and right click and generate the proxy.

While generating the proxy it will prompt you for a package name, prefix and transport request number. Once the proxy id generated don't for get to SAVE and ACTIVATE it.

Warm Regards,


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few are saying proxy has to be setup in pi and few say its in ECC.

pls let me know the correct one. also is there any other settings required for this scenario.

in the receiver CC, when the addressing type is URL,

target host : <is it the ip address of ECC>

service no : <no. of ECC>

path prefix : /sap/xi/engine?type=entry

is this correct?

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Hi jjma,

-->In the receiver communication channel select the addressing type as HHTP Destination and maintain the RFC destination which you created in your PI system of TYPE H pointing to the Target ECC system.

-->In type H connection you need to maintain the path prefix as /sap/xi/engine?type=entry and maintain the target host and service no.

--->In the same way create the Proxy setting in the ECC system as well.You need to maintain in both the systems.


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thanks for the reply.

H type RFC in PI is RIS_PI_MASTER_PROXY. in the target host i gave the ECC's name, service no also the ECC's host.

path prefix : /sap/xi/engine?type=entry

So i have given RIS_PI_MASTER_PROXY has the HTTP destination in Receiver CC.

H type RFC in ECC is SAP_PROXY_ESR. in the target host i gave the PI's name, service no also the PI's host.

path prefix : /rep

proxy is generated in ECC side and code has been written in the interface.

i have made the setup has mentioned, when i m checking in the SXMB_MONI the message are s et to 'Recorded for outbound processing' in Message split according to receiver list. I couldnt trace where the error is?

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Cross-check your destination in needs change:




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Jima ,

Please check :

1. Seems something fishy in XI receiver communication channel.

2. check the RFC destination again from SM59

3 . Hope you hav eregsitered the queues at both side R/3 as well at XI/PI . If not please do it by running report RSXMB_REGISTER_QUEUES from se38 and execute the "register" action...

Regards ,

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I checked ST22 and there were no errrors in it.

SM59 has been checked and i think all the setups are correct.

Executed RSXMB_REGISTER_QUEUES and registered the queues in both R/3 and PI.

But still facing the same problem, Recorded for outbound processing in Message split according to Receiver list step.

wat could be the problem?

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could anyone help to sort out this issue.

all the messages are set to 'Recorded for Outbound processing'.

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A1 :

Choose Transport protocal : HTTP 1.0 and ur host name the path prefix /sap/xi/engine?type=entry

Choose authenticated logon with usser name and password.

A2 :

Inbound proxy should be created in the ECC side , use transaction SPROXY . Save the class and the method in the $TMP package . save and activate it .

write ur code in the method . save activate .

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Proxy needs to be created on the ABAP part....ECC

Path prefix will be: /sap/xi/engine?type=entry