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File Server

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Our Scenario is:

File -> XI -> R/3

We place a file in the file server (a specified folder in the server).

XI does Polling every 1 minute to pick the file.

After picking the file, a copy of the file is placed in the archive folder (which is also present in the same server).

The changes that we require now is:

Before XI does the polling the file name has to be checked against the files that are already saved in the archive folder.

If the file name already exists, then the file name should be changed and placed in another folder.

Could you kindly let me know what are all the possiblities to implement this change?

Kind Regards


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Hi Maran,

I would not do this with XI.

The application that writes the files on the server should care!

Consider! You must also implement the fallbacks if the server should go down while processing the files.

I suggest to make the application responsible.

Regards Mario

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HI Mario,

We suggested the same to the client already, but they want it in XI.

So, is there any possiblities of doing the things in XI?

Kind Regards