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File processing- SFTP

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Hi Experts,

I am working on simple SFTP interface where i am writing a file to SFTP server. it is taking a long time in writing a file. there is no issue with file size it is hardly 1 or 2 MB file and this is occuring randomly. there are big files which got processed within fraction of seconds and there are few which are taking 40 to 50 mins in processing. there is no Queue stuck either.

Can someone advise please.

09/07/2017 15:30:06.402InformationFile Content Conversion starting.

09/07/2017 15:30:06.420InformationFile Content Conversion finished.

09/07/2017 15:38:51.665InformationWriting to file: TEST20170907-153005-801.csv

09/07/2017 15:47:36.520InformationMessage was successfully processed by the JCA adapter

09/07/2017 15:47:36.520InformationMessage was successfully transmitted to endpoint <local> using connection AFW

09/07/2017 15:47:36.523InformationMessage status set to DLVD

it took almost 25 mins to process few KB of file.

please advise.

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