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File name at receiver end should be same as source(file name can't be known) without mapping

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Dear Masters,

i have a scenario where the file will be picked up at source FTP and file name would be *.* exact filename can't be known,

now the exact file name should be replicated at the target FTP, this File to File scenario doesn't require mapping, so can't use variable substitution..

so any ideas...will be appreciated.

thanks in advance...

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Answers (3)

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Hello Kartheek,

Its not necessory to have message mapping to use adapter specific Message attributes.

I am having lots of scenarios where I am not using mapping but I am setting the file name from sender side by using the adapter specific message attributes.

You can select the set ASMA attributes on sender side and Use ASMA on receiver side.

Just need to take care that you need to select same parameters on the both sides. In your case you only need to select file name in ASMA.

Please let us knwo your outcomes.

Thank you.


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Hi Kartheek,

As Kiran said use the same as below screen:



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Hi Kartheek,

As suggested by Kiran and Sreeni, I think ASMA will work when you have message mapping.  You need to write UDF in mapping to copy the same at receiver side.



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Use Adapter specific message Attributes in sender receiver channels and select file name option