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File limits

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As I don't have EP set up yet, I was wondering what are the limitations of shared files.

I know some portals have difficulties if single files are larger than e.g. 50Mb. We have extremely large files (well over 50Mbs) and it is important for me that the performance is not affected when working with large files.

Does this 50Mb limit applies to SAP EP as well, and if not, have anyone tested what are the "limits"?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nik,

generally, the underlying DB should be the only limiting factor, as far as I know. Of course you wil have to allow for the required network bandwidth and time when actually opening these large files or sending them over the network for other reasons (e.g. indexing).

Speaking of indexing:

TREX has a limit on the file size after the files have been preprocessed. If nee be, you can increase this on the TREX Server in:


The line:

maxfiltersize = 20971520

states the maximum acceptable bytes a file may still have AFTER preprocessing. Means, if you start with a 50 MBytes file, this may not yet be to large for the above example, as filesize usually decreases drastically during preprocessing.

Regards, Karsten

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Thanks Karsten -- this clears up things.

I guess it wouldn't be a very good idea to load KM with very large files (e.g. 2GB) as this would require significant network & memory resources.


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