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File content conversion on both sides FCC_BOTH_SIDES

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1. I am trying to read a fixed length file format and writing it to a fixed length file format.

2. Source and target field lengths are same

3. Source and target structure are same, element names may be different.

source Massage Type structure.


- Person (0 to Unbound)

-Name 1

-City 1

Target Massage Type structure.


- Employee (0 to Unbound)

-Name 1

-Location 1

4. Mapping is one to one mapping.(No node functions, no lookups.. etc. Only capitalizing 2 fields in the mapping.)

5. Sender File conversion Perms

Document = Person_MT

Records name =

Recordset Structure = Person,*

Person.fixedFieldLengths = 10,10

Person.fieldNames =Name,City

Person.endSeparator ='nl'

ignoreRecordsetName =true

6. Receiver File Conversion Perms

Recordset Structure = Employee

Employee.addHeaderLine = 0

Employee.endSeparator = 'nl'

Employee.fixedFieldLengths = 10,10

Problem: No matter what i change i am getting an empty file .

1. When i check the SXMB_MONI, I see the payload correctly in all steps.(Inbound message, receiver determination,interface determination,

receiver grouping,Message Branch according to receivers List). But in request message mapping>PayLoads>MainDocument i have a target message with out having any elements in it.

2. I went through all the file cc blogs on sdn.

Can any one help me, I really appriaciate it.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yasser,

copy the payload of request from monitoring and test your message mapping in the integration builder (tab "Test"). Put the trace to "All". You can test new developments without saving the changed mapping. On left side you can easy change the values of your fields. Assumedly there is a bug in your message mapping, this is the most comfortable way to solve it.



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Hi Yasser,

From the screenshots that you sent across, it seems that after mapping no output structure is being produced.

Can you do as recommended by Udo. Copy the source XML and try to test the message mapping with the same. Check if an output is being generated.

Once that is done do get back to the forum with your observations.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thank you every one.

Satya Narendrula helped me on this issue.

Solution : Missed Name space in the sender communication channel. Thank you Satya

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try to use fieldKeyname, fieldKeyvalue to identify the record.