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File Content Conversion for SFTP Adapter in PO 7.4

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Hi Guys,

               I am configuring SFTP adapter in PO 7.4

What kind of standard parameters I can use for header.fieldSeparator, item.fieldSeparator, header.endSeparator and item.endSeparator ?

I can see the SFTP Adapter in PO using Module Name localejbs/ModuleProcessorExitBean for Module Key Exit

Seeburger SFTP Adapter in PI 7.1 also using the same Module Name localejbs/ModuleProcessorExitBean for Exit.

wondering the module name AF_Modules/StrictXml2PlainBean for Separator ; is same in SAP PO 7.4 and PI 7.1 ?

Please find the screen shot for SAP PI 7.1 content conversion.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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