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File Adapter - How to poll multiple directories?

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I have been told that XI File Adapter can poll for one directory at a time. Is this really a limitation of XI File Adapter?

If not, could any of you from this forun, explain how to poll multiple directories from a single instance of an XI File Adapter?

Also, how could we schedule polling different time for each directory?

In other EAI tools such as SeeBeyond, where a single scheduler can trigger events to a poller to poll for multiple directories. This seems not available in XI.

Thanks and appreciate your help.

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Each communication channel can only poll one directory (as of SP11). You would need to create a communication channel per directory you wish to poll. Each Receiver CC has its own polling schedule.

You can have multiple CC per interface, just build them in your integration scenario.

There are some changes coming in with SP12, like dynamic filenames. Not sure if SAP will include any functionality for multi directories, will have to wait and see.



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Perhaps, if you have any control over the file system you are polling from, you could cheat a little... If you're polling a UNIX file system, you can have soft links that look like the old directory names that your applications all drop to, but they'll actually all be tied back to a central directory that XI can poll from. It's a workaround for sure, but it's an idea. We had to do something similar with our other EAI tool when we didn't want the other applications dropping files to change.

Good luck!