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File Adapter Acknowledgement

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The interface scenario I have is R3 - XI - FTP.

I am using a BPM. I have calling the RFC synchronously and send data to XI. The BPM processes the msg and when it does a send, if the file adapter failed or inactivated, the process still ends successfully. For capturing the system acknowledgement, I gave Transport - in the send step for ack.

When the file was not posted, I see Ack with errors in Moni - but I am not sure how do I handle the ack in the BPM - I looked in this weblog


It says how to do a clean stop of the process but I dont know how i can use the ack with errors in BPM and send an error to Sender?

Has anyone have done ack in file??? please let me know ur ideas...

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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>>>><i>System acknowledgments used by the runtime environment to confirm that an asynchronous message has reached the receiver</i>.

File adapter is inactive means... Because it will take last active version.

What are the cases, you need to get the Error Response back from File system?



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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As suggested in the blog, you can have a deadline branch with a control step that raises an exception. In the exception branch, take the appropriate action i.e. send an error to the Sender.

If the calling system has to know the status of file creation immediately...set the deadline branch with minimal timeout.

Hope its clear..