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Fields "Reported by" & "Message Processor" empty in TA Solution_Manager

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Hello again!

I have the following problem:

When I create a service message via TA NOTIF_CREATE or via Help->Support Message it is displayed in the service desk view of TA Solution_Manager.

However the fields "Reported by" & "Message Processor" are empty and won't fill even after editing the message.

I hope any of you experts has an idea, how to solve this problem. (If it is possible, instructions suitable a beginner would be great )

Thanks in advance

best regards


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Check the configuration of the Business Partner for the User that is creating the support messaging using NOTIF_CREATE.

If the Business Partner does not have the right parameters and values in the profile, it will not automatically assign a value to field "Reported By". However, "Message Processor" will have to be assigned manually unless you have setup the extended version of Service Desk which requires automatic assignment, etc.

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The problem is:

When I open the support message, the Reporter field contains the right data about the message creator.

But in the message overview TA Solution_Manager/DSWP>Solution>Operations-->Serivce Desk next to the field Status where the notification creator should be displayed, there is only a white quad.

In addtion when a message processor is entered in the open service message and is is saved the Processor field in the overview I mentioned above is still emtpy.

I hope this helps you.



Edited by: Gerold Stickler on Mar 19, 2008 1:30 PM

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I found the solution, thank you anyway!

For who ever is interested:

The problem was that the BAdI AI_SDK_CRM_DNO_MON was not acitvated!!!