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Fields not seen in Report Designer

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Hello Forum,

I am new to the Report Designer and would like to request you to help me understand it better.

When a report is opened, what we see is a template with GO, G1, G2 and Details.

But all the cells I see are filled with solid black colour and I dont see all field names unless I click on a particular cell. When I click on a cell, only that cell value is visible.

I think it has something to do with basic settings, so I explored the menu path

Tools -> Portal Theme, but the default option here is 0TRADESHOW, and I am not priveleged to change the theme.

Please tell me how to fix it.

I have the screenshots ready for your reference. Please give me your id and I'll forward it to you.

Thank you,


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We also had similar issue, you should apply frontend patch 1403 for gui 640 or patch 3 for gui 7.10