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field to be added in payroll datasource

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According to my requirement i  needed to use 0hr_py_1 related data source but in that datasource i needed to add pancard field and some of the extra fields to be added which were not there in that data source can any one tell me the solution how to add this fields in that data source.

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you know where are storing the PAN CARD deatils in the tables if no please check with the HR functionl team.

they know which tbale storing.

add the  zzfileds into 0hr_py_1 using the append structure.

write the CMOD logic under the function exit - EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001

select the include program - ZXRSAU01

then the logic under source code tab.

after developing the program with help of ABAPer check the data in RSA - for the PAN card details coming or not.

come to BW side  replicate the data source run the info package check the PSA data.

now add the filed to target map the transformation and run the DTP .

check the data in the target for specific filed.