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Field only in Datasource in RSA6

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Hi Gurus,

Can somebody explain me whats this <b>field only</b> for in Datasource.

What is the impact if its checked and not checked in the datasource for certain fields...does this option is checked by default.

thanks and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Neel,

the complete text is 'Field only known in Exit' and the flag is set by default for fields of a append structure (your enhancement). Fields with this flag will not be sent to bw and so not part of the extract structure. But they are available in the user-exits. To put the fields to the extract structure you need to uncheck the flag. Check out the F1-help on that field additionally.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Field only known in exit

You can enhance data by extending the extract structure for a DataSource using fields in append structures.

The indicator Field only known in Exit is set for fields of an append structure. In other words, by default these fields are not passed onto the extractor from the field list and selection table.

Deselect the indicator Field Only Known in Exit to enable the Service API to pass on the append structure field to the extractor together with the fields of the delivered extract structures in the field list as well as in the selection table.


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Hi A.H.P & All,

Thankyou verymuch and A.H.P. ...i am doing good thanks for your wonderful inputs..

Actually i think everyone deserve full points but we have a restriction so i owe you those points.

thanks once again.



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Hello Neel,

If fields are marked as "Field only..." in the RSA6 display, they won't be seen in RSA3 or BW. They will be available in user-exit only.

Hope it helps,


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Hi Neel

When fields are enhanced in the extract structure, this flag is set by default meaning that these fields are not sent to BW or donot form the part of the transfer structure. Press F1 for more details. You need to uncheck this to be able to extract value for this field.


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hi Neel,

how are you doing ?

press F1 in that checkbox, you will get following info

Flag Relevant RNOTECREL

The indicator Field known only in Exit is set for the fields in an append structure, meaning that by default, these fields are not passed to the extractor in the field list and the selection table.


Remove the Field known only in Exit indicator, to get the Service API to pass the field in the append structure to the extractor.

by default it's not checked.

(for new field added in append structure is checked as mentioned by Siggi)

hope this helps.

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