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Field Masking in a BW/4HANA aDSO

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Hi all,

Any guidance around masking specific fields in a aDSO in BW/4HANA would be appreciated.

Also can the masked field be used in calculating other values (columns) ?

What would the architecture look like if we’re pulling this data from a non HANA SAP system to a BW/4HANA system in terms of making sure the masked field is secured in all layers including Data provisioning.

Appreciate everyone’s input.



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

hello Tab,

SAP offers a product line to mask in ECC and S/4 systems - UI data protection masking

We currently do not offer masking in BW4HANA but would be eager to have a look at the requirements and explore further.

In case this topic is still open at your side, can you please revert and then we can explore further the requirements.

Deepak - Product Management, UI data protection

Dear Deepak, would you please share any idea to do data masking and inheritance of data masking on Calculation Views on XSA environment?

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hi Jerry, Unfortunately, BW4HANA is not supported yet via UI masking. If you have strong customer requirements in this area, we should talk. Could I ask you to please reach out to me on and we can discuss options on how we can bring masking to BW4HANA.

Deepak - Product Manager - UI masking

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Hi, has there been any solution to UI masking in bw4hana?

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We have a similar situation where Tax code needs to be masked in BW4. We have the UI Data Protection package for S4 and wondering is there an update for BW4.

Thank you

Christy Quezada

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Can you please confirm whether SAP UI masking is enabled for BW/4 HANA ?

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Hello Tab,

Do you have any feedback on how you went about implementing this.

we are in B4HANA and want to mask few fields at the BW application and at its underlying SAP HANA Database

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Thank you for your input Eugene. I shall keep the thread open incase anyone else wants to share their thoughts on this topic.