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field in the table but not in the datasource

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I have a datasource 0co_pc_act_05 based on mbew table . I need a field from that table , which is not present in the datasource , what should i do .?

How can i get the field from the table into the datasource?


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hi Mike,

try following steps

- in r/3 transaction rsa6 choose the datasource, click enhance strucutre, then append structure, system will propose z..., confirm it, in the next screen, type in the field name e.g abcd

- activate the append structure

- back to rsa6 choose the datasource, click edit, remove mark in column 'hidden' field for that field, save the datasource.

- in this case you no need to do user exit since that field exist in the origin table where the data extracted.

- recheck with rsa3

later in bw side

- create new infoobject, then right click the datasource and 'replicate datasource', change transfer rules, move the new field from right side to left (to be included in transfer structure), then assign the field by type in the new created infoobject name, activate the transfer rules. include also this new object in infocube etc.

hope this helps.