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fi-gl datasouces

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Hi All,

What are the tables involved in 0fi_gl_4 and 0FI_GL_1 in this data souces and please explain the function of each datasouce.



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The tables from where the data is extracted by DS 0fi_gl_4 are BKPF and BSEG.

and for 0FI_GL_1 it is GLT0

Now you have a delta DS0FI_GL_6 instead of 0FI_GL_1.

However if the new GLPCA is implemented the DS for that id 0FI_GL_10 and the data for this DS is extracted from table FAGLFLEXT

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Venkata Devaraj !!!

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0fi_gl_4--data source details check the following link

0FI_GL_1--data source details check the following link

hope this help you


harikrishna N

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<u>0FI_GL_4</u> - > BSEG & BKPF - > GL Line Items


This DataSource is used to load General Ledger transaction figures (table GLTO) from the R/3 source system to the Business Information Warehouse.

This DataSource replaces 0FI_GL_1.

<u>0FI_GL_1</u> - > GLT0 - > GL Totals


<u>Custom Datasource</u> - > FAGLFLEXA - > GL Line Items

<u>0FI_GL_10</u> - > FAGLFLEXT - > GL Totals

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Hi ,

0FI_GL_1:General Ledger transaction figures (it is not delta compatible)

0fi_gl_4 :General Ledger Accounting line items from tables BKPF and BSEG

is delta-compatible.

and the realted tables for the tables you can chk in ROOSOURCE table

chk this link