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FI_GL_4 data source issue

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I'm loading data in to FIGL_O02 ODS using FI_GL_4 data source. I used driect mapping and there is no code my start/update routines on any key figures. I noticed some of my key figures (DMBTR WRBTR MENGE) revesals are not updated correctly where as other key figures (  DEB_CRE_LC   DEB_CRE_DC  ), have reversals,so we have wrong Qty and Amount values. Is there a know issue with this data source or do I need to write any logic to pull these reversal values? Please advice.

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Hi Ganesh,

This is  a standard Flow .You are using the standard 3.x flow or customize the flow in 7.x.

Please check in PSA table all data are correct or not.

You just use the standard flow .All issue will solved.