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FI extraction

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Could anyone let me know how to get to FI-AP, AR, GL extractors in R3 system? I could not figure out the txn code to get to the FI extractors.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks Sat and Bwer. i am looking for the same.


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Thanks. looks like points system is down.

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In R/3 side go to RSA5 Tcode and expand application area FI and you will see sub components FI-AA, FI-AP, FI-GL and other FI sub modules

Some of the FI Datasources


0FI_AP_1 Vendors: Transaction figures

0FI_AP_3 Vendors: Line Items

0FI_AP_4 Vendors: Line Items with Delta Extrcation

0FI_AP_6 Vendor Sales Figures via Delta Extraction

0FI_AP_7 Vendor SGL Sales Figures using Delta Extraction


0DPM_0 Dispute Management: Transaction Data

0DPM_DEBITOR Dispute Management: Business Partner

0FI_AR_1 Customers: Transaction figures

0FI_AR_10 Customer Payment Behavior via Delta Extraction

0FI_AR_3 Customers: Line Items

0FI_AR_4 Customers: Line Items with Delta Extraction

0FI_AR_5 Customers: Payment History

0FI_AR_6 Customer Sales Figures via Delta Extraction


0ACAC_CALC Manual Accruals: Calculated Accrual Values

0ACE_CALC_RESULT Accrual Engine: Calculated Accrual Values

0FI_GL_1 General ledger: Transaction figures

0FI_GL_10 General Ledger: Leading Ledger Balances

0FI_GL_2 General ledger: Transaction figures - Cost of sales ledger

0FI_GL_4 General Ledger: Line Items with Delta Extraction

0FI_GL_6 General Ledger Sales Figures via Delta Extraction

0FI_GL_7 General Ledger Cost of Sales Ledger via Delta Extraction

0FI_GL_8 General Ledger: Statistical Key Figures

0FI_TX_4 Taxes: Line Items by Means of Delta Extraction

Hope this helps



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go to rsa5 and activate them from the business content. then go to rsa6 and u can look at the extract structures.

u need to replicate the ds first in bw and then create infosource, transfer rules, infopackage..



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