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FI Extraction - 3.5 or 7 : Confusion

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Hi All,

I have to do FI-AR Extraction, im using the datasource 0FI_AR_4 (BSID/BSAD) using the preffered scenario:

0FI_AR_4 -> 0FI_AR_O03 -> 0FIAR_C03


We are implementing BI 7.0

Now what i want to know is that when we activate objects from Business content at BI End it all comes in 3.5 version and then we do migration if we have to use them in 7.

Regarding the FI-AR cube there are certain routines written in transfer rules from ODS to Cube, if i migrate that in 7 version, then what will happent to these routines ?

And not only for FI, its a very general question whenever we migrate a object from 3.5 to 7 we have to create the transformation, which we do manually. What about the routines, do we need to do that manually by luking into the transfer rules?

Im very confused regarding this.

Which way its recommended to use objects in 3.5 or in 7.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hope this helps,


CSM Reddy

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Thanks 4 ur prompt response.

But my question is that in which version it is preffered to use the 0FI_AR_03, as on 3.5 there are many routines used which if i migrate in 7 will not be then available, then how to do this scenarios ?