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Few basic ques on Web Dynpro

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Hi All,

I have few ques on Web Dynpro basics.

1. Why is Web Dynpro said to have language-neutral metamodel.

2. What is meta-model.

3. What is declarative programming approach.

4. Why is a dictionary used. The simple type and a structure can also be declared in a Controller. Is it just a Global Declaration.

5. Where does the code of dictionary reside.

Shall be grateful for the answers.


Nikhil Bansal

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Hi Nikhil,

Have a lot at these Doc.s also,">getting [original link is broken] [original link is broken]">webdynpro [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

Very useful


<b>Ramganesan K</b>

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Hi Nikhil

Here is the answers for your questions.

1.Why is Web Dynpro said to have language-neutral metamodel

A.the user interfaces developed in webdynpro is platform independent because of meta model/data generated by webdynpro framework is independent of all languages.This metamodel you can transfer to any system so that the application is executed in that system.So generated meta data is independent.

2.What is meta-model.

Metamodel is data about the application.Webdynpro framework have seperate tools to generate this metadata in xml files.These files contains all information about your application.Views,components,actions every thing.

Metadata/model means data about the data in general

3.What is declarative programming approach

Declarative approach is the one with out coding most of the things required to implement User interfaces (design,appearence,data) are specifying at design time by choosing right properties.So this eliminates most of the coding.So this is the declarative model.


This is again having two types like simple and structure,Here basically we store the data in dictionary datatype or populate the data in this type in runtime.Usually this datatypes are used to display the data in dropdown box or to display large data.

5>Where does the code of dictionary reside

The Dictionart classes are generated by the frame work for simple type,For complex type the data you are populating in view controlleres depending upon the conditions

For clear classification [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

/thread/396968 [original link is broken]



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Instead of seeking answers of them from forum(because forum answers will lack depth), I would suggest to go through this doc:

It will clear all your basic doubts. hope you enjoy reading it.

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