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Fetching through BW query

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i tried to fetch a BW query while modeling in VC ..

but i could not get it

i tried to fetch the query through "find data"

in that i gave

system type: SAP_BW

Look for:(only 2 options available)

look for service by name

look for service by group

which ever i choose i could not get any list atfer searching

plz give me a way to solve it

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Hi Sobha,

You have serch by service name not bye service grougp(if you have service name) .


one more thing your system Type in portal should be SAP_BW if you are serching for BI queries .

and if you are serching for Services then System type should be R/3 not as BI/BW .

Check the below wiki




if helpful reawdr ponits

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hi govind

thanks for ur reply.....

the system name and the look for is set as u told only...but still i get a msg that no resultd to display...

is there any other way to get the query....

but iam sure that the query in that name is available..

is it listed as per the user... or for all the uaers it is listed?



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tahts ok,

but check the System type in the portal whether it is BI/BW typr or R/3 Type .

this is Important.

Step to check;

Systemadministration->syatemconfiguration->systems_navigate to your BI syetm ->right click on it open its object->check the System Type