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Fetch ODATA Services in Backend System using API Provider

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I'm trying to pull an OData Service (MyTestService) on my backend ISU system (Component Version : EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0, SAP_GWFND 7.4 SP009). The Gateway Service is not enabled on this ISU system as we have Hub deployment model and the same MyTestService is registered on another SAP NWGW Hub. I have created two API providers namely ISU (for the backend) & GWHUB. Now, I'm able to Discover MyTestService from the API Provider GWHUB but not from the API Provider ISU.

Will the API Provider pull the services only from the backend services on which the Gateway Service is enabled?

To confirm this, I have considered again created the MyTestService OData service on another CRM system on which the Gateway Service is enabled. I have created an API Provider for this CRM system and could also Discover this MyTestService.

As per the above exercise, I came to a conclusion that SAP API Management will pull the OData Services only from the backend systems on which the Gateway Service is enabled or directly from a Gateway Hub system where the OData services are being registered.

Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct?



Anil Kumar Veepuri

Active Contributor

Anil this is right, the system which is capable of exposing the services to the outside world should be used. In your case CRM has an embeded kind of deployment where gateway exists on the same system that is why you are able to discover where as in other you are not able to as that is the backend,actual services are exposed via your hub gateway instance.


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