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Fetch Logged in user details using managed approuter

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need immediate attention.

Facing issue calling user-api of approuter, getting 404 resource not found error

Followed below steps in sequence

1. I Have created a basic MTA project in BAS.

2. Then added a managed approuter into the application via MTA file Create MTA module from template.

3. after that added a fiori module into my basic MTA project from MTA file Create MTA module from template.

4. npm i @sap/approuter ran at the root terminal of Basic MTA project.

5. added below snipet into xs-app.json file of fiori module


"source": "^/user-api(.*)",

"target": "$1",

"service": "sap-approuter-userapi"


6. added below line into package.json of my root Basic MTA project

"scripts": {

"start": "node node_modules/@sap/approuter/approuter.js",

7. called user api from my controller


method: "GET",

url: "/user-api/currentUser",

async: true,

like wise

unfortunately the call is going in error call back.

Please help me with your input.



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Answers (1)

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In HTML5UserAPIforCF you find a working example.