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fault message management

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How can I communicate a fault message directly to the sender (originator) in an asyncrhronous communication way, without using the error monitors ?

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Hi Gianluigi,

there is a distinction between application faults and technical faults.

In the case of application faults, well, the target application is responsible for generating a new (asynchronous) message and sending it back to XI.

With the introduction of BPM it will be possible to CORRELATE the response message to the original asynchronous request.

In the case of technical faults, there is a way to trigger an alert in CCMS. CCMS can take it from there and send email/page/SMS as appropriate.

Let me know if this answers your question,


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it ist not a nature of an asynchrone message to get an answer back from an receiver. You as a sender will normaly not wait for answer comming back from an receiver because the answer can come back in 1 minute, 2 hour or two days. Therefore there is only the way like Jerome mentioned to create an new asynchrone interface for sending the answer back to the sender. Here you have to match the correlated message ID yourself (i am not sure how this can be resolve). But there is no standard way in XI 2.0 to correlate the message-ID automatically.


Ly-Na Phu