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Fatal Exception error in launchpad; runs fine in WRC

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Dear all,

We are facing an issue, and need your help to resolve it.

We are on BI 4.1 SP4

We have a webi report based on BEX Universe. We need to re-point it to another BEX universe. Both the queries are identical (same structure). Only the data source is different.

First of all, if we try to change source from launchpad, everything works out fine until we run the query. As soon as we hit the "Run Query" button, we get the error saying, "Your session timed out. Close the Java interface and log on again.". We changed all sorts of time-out settings in CMC for Webintelligence Processing Server, but the error still persists. Also tried to schedule refresh, and this time the error says:

exception raised: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.CoreException

On the other hand, when we do the same changes in Webi Rich Client, it works perfectly fine, and we are also able to refresh the report after making the source change. But when we export the same report to launchpad and try to refresh it from there, again we get the error, although a                    different one this time, saying:

"FatalException occured. The cause was :


Prepare failover failed (Error: INF)"

Has anyone ever faced such an issue earlier? Can someone please guide how to resolve it?

Building the whole new report from the scratch is the least feasible option, as there are 7 tabs with complex table structures that would need to be reproduced.


Isha M

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Isha,

The error you are seeing is not an actual timeout.  The error is happening because your WIReportServer.exe is crashing behind the scenes.  The failover message is happening because there are no other WIReportServers available for the failover.

This will be something you will need to open an incident for.  A code correction may be needed as the WIRS should not be crashing.

Is this a Linux environment?

If you open an incident, you will want to do an end to end trace and open the SAP Router connections so that SAP Support could test internally and potentially a developer could debug the issue live.



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Thank you for the guidance, Jonathan.

We'll open an incident with SAP and let you know what comes of it.



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Hi Isha,

have you received any feedback from SAP for that issue?



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