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Failed Delta.......queries

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<b>I have some doubts about a scenario when Delta has failed which I want to get clarified(Loading is from R/3 to target).</b>

1.If a delta request fails to load to an infoprovider then normal rectification action should be?(As per my understanding we should make that request red forcefully and then delete it and once again load that request from PSA).Please provide me your kind suggestions...

2.If a delta request that has failed is not available in PSA (may be deleted accidently...etc).And we have to load it to target again.

in that case what are the options available with us?

3.If the data from the target is deleted then we want to load it again.Then what will be the sequence of operation for delta?

All your answers/suggestions/help will be duly rewarded with points.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1.- The request should be red in monitor, delete failed request from infoproviders and execute again the delta infopackage.

2.- If delta failed you can reload it from source, is not necesary that it was in PSA.

3.- delete delta queues and reinit.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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1 If a delta fails you can run a "Repeat Delta" in order to not lost the data in this delta request.

2 The same

3 You can load the data from the PSA...if not you need to load the data from Source system again...


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1. if the failure is located when loading into the datatarget and the request was posted properly in the PSA there is no need to turn the request to RED; analysing and fixing the issue and subsequently forwarding the request from PSA to the target(s) would suffice; in this case no need to request a repeat. Actually the repeat in a MUST only if

- the request failed and the load does go via the PSA


- the request failed prior arriving in PSA when loading through PSA.

2. In that case you don't have other alternative to repeat the delta. It will depend as well in which jind of target you are posting this data: if it is only master data or and ODS with overwrite you could load a full IPack with a selection you assume to be covering your missing delta records.

Also some specific datasource can be loaded easily selectively deleted from cubes and reloaded via full loads. For instance COPA delta failed and you are sure to have only the current period posted; you can selectively delete your cube with the current period and reinit your delta with data as of the curent period.

- I strongly recommend to load any DELTA via the PSA in order to avoid this situation...

3. If you delete the target and you still have all your PSA delta requests you can let run your delta to PSA only and reconstrtuct your datatarget from PSA.

If you delete your target and you haven't got any PSA, then you'll have to reinit your delta and reload the whole history from your source system. Depending on the datasource, it could be more or less complicated (LO: filling the setup tables; full loads for others). The sequence should be load fully the maximum of data; request a posting free period (no transactions performed for your DSource in the source system) in the source system in order to catch up the data; finally init without data; that's my personal preferred solution but they're many ways depending on the datasource...

Hope this helps...