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FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running

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I am not able to bring up HANA system.[SP6]

I am getting the following error

Starting instance using: /usr/sap/xxx/SYS/exe/hdb/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 00 -function StartWait 2700 2

31.12.2013 14:42:33

31.12.2013 14:42:47
FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running

the nameserver_alert_xxx.trc had the following log

0: 0x00007f6fd5865778 in Execution::Thread::staticMainImp(void**)+0x5d4 at Thread.cpp:480 (
21: 0x00007f6fd58658fd in Execution::Thread::staticMain(void*)+0x39 at Thread.cpp:548 (
[139180]{-1}[-1/-1] 2013-12-30 17:46:53.393495 e topology         Topology.cpp(00271) : assign failed with locked persistence. stopping service...
[139180]{-1}[-1/-1] 2013-12-30 17:46:53.393696 f NameServer       TREXNameServer.cpp(02552) : persistence locked -> stopping instance ...
[139180]{-1}[-1/-1] 2013-12-30 17:46:53.400045 e Basis            TREXNameServer.cpp(02582) : Process exited due to an error via explicit exit call with exit code 1 , no crash dump will be written
[37986]{-1}[-1/-1] 2013-12-31 12:27:23.849226 f PersistenceLayer PersistenceController.cpp(00559) : startup failed exception  1: no.70029012  (PersistenceLayer/PersistenceSystem.cpp:366)
    open of service volume failed because it is already opend with a conflicting open mode
exception throw location:
1: 0x00007f2862c188e1 in PersistenceLayer::PersistenceSystem::initial

11: 0x00007f28600218fd in Execution::Thread::staticMain(void*)+0x39 at Thread.cpp:548 (
exception  2: no.2000014  (Basis/IO/FileAccess/impl/LocalFile.cpp:179)
    Cannot lock file ""<root>/datavolume_0000.dat" (mode= RW, access= rwrwr-, flags= DIRECT|MUST_EXIST), factory= (root= "/HANA/IMDB-data/mnt00001/hdb00001/" (access= rwrwr-, flags= AUTOCREATE_DIRECTORY, usage= DATA, fs= ext3, config= (AsyncWriteSubmitActive=auto,AsyncWriteSubmitBlocks=new,AsynReadSubmit=off,#SubmitQueues=1,#CompletionQueues=1)))" for write access, rc=11: Resource temporarily unavailable

Please guide on the solution.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Rajiv,

Is this AWS (Amazon Web Services) instance?

As Ferry suggested I would also recommend restarting HANA instance first of all. However, you may also refer to following thread which talks about similar issue.

FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running | SAP HANA



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There might be an orphan hdbnameserver process that is locking the nameserver data file "/HANA/IMDB-data/mnt00001/hdb0001/datavolume_0000.dat".

You can try to find the PID of the hdbnameserver process and kill the process.

The easiest way is probably to reboot the HANA server, and then restart the HANA instance.