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F4 help value differs for two reports using same variable

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Hi Experts,

'I am facing a wierd problem in my reports.

I have two reports A and B.  and i have a variable for CostCenter in both the reports. and this costcenter is a master object.

I have both numerical and some alpha numericals value in the Master.

Now the problem is, when i execute the report A and go for costcenter variable's F4 help i get only numerical values like '1111000' in the first display but when i execute the report B am getting alpha numerical values like "P003030" in the first displah of F4 help.

I have checked the BEx settings also and they are exactly same.  There is no difference in the settings.

How is it getting differed when i use the same variable for both the Reports and they are same Master data too.

Please your help in this regards as soon as possible.



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Are you able to set it as 'Read data only from InfoProvider' in the BEx Query Designer. Also, please check RSD1 for 0COSTCENTER and ensure there's no auth relevancy issue causing this. In BEx, check the settings comparing each of these restrictions. If the info object is there in the line item dimension ,then the setting "only value from infoprovider" will not work and all the values from the master data will be displayed in the variable. In the settings,

  1. Access type for Result values - Posted Values
  2. Query Execution for Filter value selection is -   Value is Master Data Table

More references : this solves your issue. Thanks, Arun Bala

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i have checked all the setting and they are exactly same.. no difference at all and both reports it reads data from master data table.. am very confused how the f4 help display is getting differed in both the reports.. is ther any other way to do the sequece of value display.