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F4 help restriction by authorization

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I have a requirement related to F4 help in variable screen. Case is following:

- variable is on ZEMPLOYEE

- authorization is on 0PERS_AREA

0PERS_AREA is authorization relevant and is in the cube. Additionally, 0PERS_AREA is nav attribute of ZEMPLOYEE.

Requirement is that in F4 help on variable screen user can see only ZEMPLOYEE related to 0PERS_AREA for which user have authorization. ZEMPLOYEE read mode is "values only in infoprovider".

Since it did not work by default, I have changed the approach and made ZEMPLOYEE__0PERS_AREA authorization relevant, chaning analysis authorizations accordingly. It did not help I can still see all values in F4 help for variable on ZEMPLOYEE...

I wonder if authorization on attribute impact F4 value list or not i.e. if I am doing sth wrong?

Your help will be appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check the data element behind your attribute (via the master data table)

in the tab "Search Help" you could probably set your own... did it once (back in the days) in an R/3 system... I assume it works in BW systems as well (check the help on how to do it)

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Marcin,

authorization on attribute does NOT impact F4 value list.

If you have authorization setting for 0PERS_AREA and want to restrict ZEMPLOYEE according to 0PERS_AREA,

I think there is only one way by the standard function.

You need to set 0PERS_AREA as compound parent of ZEMPLOYEE.

Then if user only has authorization for certain values for 0PERS_AREA,

only the corresponding ZEMPLOYEE values would be displayed in F4 help of ZEMPLOYEE.



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I have used BAdi to restrict values in f4 help.

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Can u pls let me knw how or which BADI u implemented ,need the same urgently.