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Extremely slowly synchronization

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I’m using a SYMBOL mobile device with CrEme and MI Client installed on it. I can log in and it works very well.

My problem occurs if I’m starting synchronization. It lasts extremely slowly. About ONE HOUR or more.

Does somebody know what is the problem?

Best regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hi Marita,

first of all what apps are you using? Did you modify any of your SyncBOs? What is your merep_log saying? Is it the initial or a delta sync? Do you use LAN, GPRS...? What is the data model behind your App? Are you using MAM, trying to sync a Truckload of materials? Check the size of your Containers on the middelware.

Slow synchronization can have a multitude of reasons and in order to find the problem try to be more specific.



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Yes I have seen the same thing happen.

Although the Sync is faster when data is uploaded to Mobile Device (Symbol in our case), Once all the documents are created it can take upto 1 HOUR to complete sync download to server.

ME 2.1

MAM 2.5

Patch 04

AS 6.2

Just 1 more question, although it takes you 1 hours to complete, Does it fail ofter?

Does it stop in the middle of sync and give you error log, which requires syncing again (2nd attempt) to complete the Sync?

Are you using any new/custom settings in MobileEngine.config file?


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Hi Matthias,

I have experienced the same thing, there are several things you need to try to realize what the problem is. First you need turn on the Trace place it on Warning level or info. Then post the trace file here. What applications are you running? Are you using generic Synchronization or smart sync (my guess is generic)? MI 2.1 or MI 2.5? If you are on MI 2.5 What is the SP level of your Web application Server 6.40 ? Are you on a Wireless network alot of times it may be your connection. Ask basis to restart your MI Server to make sure you clear anything that maybe slowing it down..memory and so on.

Hope this helps..